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St Helens Duver Sea Defences, Isle Of Wight

St Helens Duver Sea Defences,Isle Of Wight

Recurve wave wall with feature panel designed and manufactured by Special Formwork.

The main contractor was Isle of Wight firm Imphouse who won the Isle of Wight Council contract to rebuild the wall, at St Helens Duver, which had fallen into disrepair and needed significant improvements.

The works, to encase the sea wall in reinforced concrete and replace the promenade deck, were finished on time and within budget.

They were carried out during the spring to avoid the peak summer season and to protect wintering birds.

The council’s head of highways and transport, Peter Hayward said: “The council took the decision to repair the seawall to ensure St Helens Duver was maintained for the next 50 years as it protects homes, businesses and important habitats.

“We have kept residents updated, who have been very supportive of the scheme and understand the need for the maintenance.

“The repairs have been carried out to a very high standard and we are very pleased withthe work.”

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