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Our Capacities


Floor Space:
23’000 Square Feet in 1 Bay in 1.5 acres

Door Opening:
5490mm high x 7800mm wide

Travelling Cranes:
2 no. Ten tonne overhead travelling cranes
1 no. Five tonne overhead travelling cranes
8 metres under the crane hook

Welded Fabrications
Maximum Weight and Length:
Twenty Tonnes in one piece, and up to 12 metres long

Bystronic flatbed Laser Cutting Machine 4M x 2M

Mild Steel up to 15mm thick

Stainless Steel up to 6mm thick

Aluminium up to 5 mm thick
Large or small Quantities
Fast Delivery to any UK Destination

Laser Cutter
Folding Machine
Folded Sections

Folded Sections up to 4100mm long,


Capacity from 1mm up to 13mm
4100 x 10mm NC
3050 x 13mm CNC


3000 x 5mm initial pinch Rolls