May 3, 2019

Bridge Pier Formwork arrives on site

Sian Formwork are building a new bridge. Special Formwork designed and manufactured pier formwork complete with access platforms.
March 13, 2019

M8 M73 M74 Motorway Improvements

Another load for Scotland left our works this morning. 800mm dia circular column shutters with access platforms and ladders for use at the M74 Raith Interchange near Motherwell part of the M8 M73 M74…
February 25, 2019

Two more C-Hooks on their way

Special Formwork design & manufacture C Hooks to suit many applications. For more info have a look at our C Hook page link
July 26, 2018

Hydraulically Powered Sea Wall Traveller Number Two

The second of two machines designed and manufactured by Special Formwork to construct a very large sea wall. The Formwork and traveller were manufactured and trial assembled and fully tested at our…