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Folkstone Sea Defence

As part of the £ 14m Hythe to Folkestone Harbour coast protection scheme, Special Formwork designed and manufactured recurved wave wall shutters for the new reinforced concrete wall that provided protection at the westward end of Folkestone beach. The wall comprised both straight sections and a section that was curved on plan. A very high standard of concrete finish was required. During the construction phase some severe storms were encountered, and the formwork was able to withstand all that the English Channel threw at it.

A separate part of the project required a set of steel forms for the reconstruction of a section of the sea wall along the Sandgate Esplanade towards Hythe.  Here the challenge was manufacturing forms with a very tight top bullnose, and accommodating architectural features at construction joints.

The main contractors were a J T Mackley / Van Oord joint venture.  Ashford Formwork Ltd were concrete and reinforcement contractors.

The job was completed on time and within budget., click thumbnail below to see larger image.