Design and Manufacture of Purpose Made Steel Formwork

Wind Farm Formwork

Special Formwork has designed and supplied purpose made steel forms for a wide variety of turbine bases throughout the UK & Ireland. To date, over 500 onshore wind turbines have been erected on bases constructed using SF steel forms.Smaller wind turbines have required simple circular, rectangular or octagonal bases.Larger turbines have generally required a stepped foundation comprising a large diameter ‘apron’, and smaller diameter plinth.


White Lee Wind Farm

Circular forms have either been supplied as rigid segments for machine handling, or as man handled flexible panels.


Flexible Windfarm Shutters

Plinth form with full access platform

Rigid Windfarm Shutters




Other major windfarm projects include:

  • Griffin WF – Scotland – 68 turbines
  • Calliacher WF Scotland
  • Carland Cross WF – Cornwall
  • Keadby Grange – 34 turbines
  • Harestanes – 74 turbines
  • Arecloch – 60 tubines


 Whitelee windfarm


Whitelee Windfarm in South West Scotland is one of the largest onshore windfarms in Europe with over 150 turbines.

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