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Designers and manufacturers of bespoke wall formwork, London.


Special Formwork is a leading provider and designer of wall formwork for small and largescale projects all across the London area. Our steel formwork solutions are a cost-effective alternative method for wall construction. Although we provide competitive prices, our attention to precision and quality is second to none we continue to take pride on our work day on day for that very reason. Our wall formwork is also good for special architectural constraints that limit the number and position of form joints and tie locations.

Bespoke steel wall formwork manufacturers around London.

As well as servicing London, we design, deliver and construct wall formwork all across the country and overseas. We work with our customers to meet specifications and manufacture the steel walls within a strict timeframe. Our steel formwork is suitable for curved structures or tall pours where high concrete pressure is produced. For a prompt and professional manufatcurer of wall formwork in London, Special Formwork is happy to be your projects steel provider, whether big or small.

Steel wall developments we have worked on include:

  • Brent Civic Centre
  • Fleetwood Primary Settlement Tanks (Curved wall)
  • Minworth WWTV
  • St. Pancras Station

Curved wall formwork design and build.

Furthermore, using our ‘in house’ computer and our Bystronic Laser Cutting Machine we can expertly cut steel wall formwork to any bespoke, suitable shape. Ultimately, all of our steel formwork is made to order and we can accommodate oneoff and continuous requirements as the project progresses.

We have served many big construction projects in and around London and are always looking to help many others. With a professional, renowned approach towards curved wall formwork, we can deal with all your steel wall formwork requirements.

Our team can accommodate the most demanding and notorious of projects, meeting bulk requirements. With 60 years of experience in the industry we are evergrowing and always looking to provide customers with the best experience, from initial contact and even after service.

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