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Steel column formwork manufacturers, Lewisham.


We are leading provider and manufacturer of steel column formwork in the UK. We service all areas in London, including Lewisham. Our capabilities extend all projects, from new builds through to skyscrapers. We laser cut columns into various different shapes including:

  • Rectangular
  • Circular
  • Custom

If you have bespoke column formwork requirements we can meet these too. With professional manufacturers we can tailor our steelwork to specific requests or preferences.

Our steel formwork provides excellent longevity, flexibility and efficiency. We ensure only the highest quality with both our customer service and steel work. At Special Formworks we want to ensure complete customer satisfaction each time.

Bespoke steel and concrete column formwork for private and construction projects, Lewisham.

We take pride in having delivered steel column formwork for a range of high profile clients, including businesses across the UK, Ireland and even the Carribean. Our attention to detail is impeccable, this is because we are customer-focused and ensure we exceed expectations.

Our formwork allows us to provide for a range of projects, from private new builds through to commercial skyscrapers. There are no limitations to size or shape with our bespoke steel column formwork. Here are some of the many projects we have worked on:

Column formwork developments we have worked on include:

  • BBC Television Centre – London.
  • Heathrow Airport.
  • Various Tube Stations including Canary Wharf, Paddington, Charing Cross and Stratford station.
  • Francis Crick Institute – Cambridge.
  • Midsummer Place – Milton Keynes.
  • John Radcliffe Hospital – Oxford.
  • M1 / M6 / A14 Interchanges.
  • Docklands Light Railway.

Made to order column formwork in steel or concrete. 

Our products are created using in-house machinery and tools. A Bystronic Laser Cutting Machine allows us to create steel column formworks quickly, yet precisely to ensure we meet specific requirements.

We can manufacture conventional square, rectangular and circular column formwork. However, our services can also create columns in other shapes from Oval, Elliptical and Conical, to Sloping and Tapering.

If you’re situated in or around Lewisham, we can cover all your steel or concrete column formwork needs. Please do feel free to get in touch to enquire or to fulfil your bespoke requests.

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Circular Column Formwork

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