Design and Manufacture of Purpose Made Steel Formwork

Pier Formwork for Peter’s Village & Medway Crossing

A large 2.75 M dia circular pier and oval head.

Contractor – BAM Nuttall

Client – Trenport

Peters Village development

The net area of Peters Village development is approximately 35.05 hectares (86.61 acres) – 11.1 hectares (27.3 acres) is set aside as public open space. The development will be mostly low rise, though a few in the village centre next to the river will include buildings to a maximum of 4/5 storeys high, while the lower platform in the quarry and along Hall Road will include the occasional ‘landmark’ building at 3/4 storeys.

A new local centre next to the river will include: community centre, medical centre, shop, public house and employment units.

This wide-ranging project also includes: a new primary school, new areas of open space and playing fields, a new riverside walk, plus the protection and management of the Peters Pit nature reserve.

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