Design and Manufacture of Purpose Made Steel Formwork

Heavy Duty Modular Panel System


SF Heavy Duty Modular Panel System

This versatile system is suitable for both heavy civil engineering and building construction. It is designed to be used without additional soldier  backing members. The formwork gives a superior finish to many of its rivals having 6 mm thick steel face plate to minimize deflections.

General Specifications and details:
1. Wide range of panel sizes, from a maximum size of 3.0m high x 2.0m wide long to a minimum size of 500mm x 300 mm.
2. The weight of the largest panel (6 sq m) is 632 Kgs.
3. Corner and “T” arrangements are produced using standard panels.
4. Panels are designed for a maximum concrete pressure of 80 kN/m 2
5. The system’ is designed for used with 20 mm dia Ties in 24 mm dia holes which are positioned at 2000mm centres horizontally. There are 3 vertical Tie positions in a 3 m high panel.
6 The system is assembled using 20 mm dia bolts in 22mm holes, and is quick to assemble. Lipping at panel joints is always less than 2mm
7 Telescopic push-pull props ranging from 3 to 9m high can be fixed at 2m horizontal centres
8. Steel access brackets can be attached at various levels. (Guardrails posts, guardrails and scaffold boards by contractor)
9. Adjustable Stopend restraint brackets are designed to accommodate different wall thicknesses. Timber stop ends are generally constructed  by the contractor to facilitate protruding rebar.
10. Over pour tie brackets are available in certain instances to remove the top tie from in the pour.
11. Heavy duty lifting brackets can be fitted at 2 m positions along length to facilitate easy handling.
12. Special panels, fillets and features can be manufactured for use in conjunction with the system.

The formwork is manufactured in our purpose built factory using CNC CADCAM machinery to strict quality procedures and quality assurance ISO 9002.