Design and Manufacture of Purpose Made Steel Formwork

Manhole Shutters


Most new build housing sites have drainage manholes constructed from standard precast concrete elements, which are then encased in a concrete surround, prior to
construction of estate roads.

The hinged design permits the forms to be placed and struck as a single unit, reducing site labour costs, and permitting
early backfilling of excavation.

The forms are light enough to be handled by most types of backhoe loader or excavator commonly found on sites.

The rigid forms are manufactured from heavy duty steel plate for maximum durability.

Available in sizes to suit standard manhole rings (plus 100mm cover).

2.2m high standard units. Other sizes to order

Sizes are colour coded.

Traditional flexible manhole forms made from light gauge steel sheet, are difficult to set to the required diameter, do not strike cleanly, and are very prone to damage.

The rigid design of SF Manhole forms, with heavy duty face plate and stiffening flanges, simplify placing and striking, and reduces concrete wastage.